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There's always a way!" - Stephanie
Lazytown is an Icelandic educational TV show for children composed of casts and crew coming from Iceland, the United Kingdom, and United States. The show is created by Magnus Scheving who is the founder of Lazytown Entertainment and also stars in the show. The show is performed in English but is dubbed to other languages where Lazytown is shown. On the show's peak, it was shown in almost a hundred countries.

Stephanie, one of the protagonists of the show
The characters of Lazytown
The show is composed of both human and puppet characters on a CGI environment. The show tells the story of Lazytown, together with it citizens that we're kept lazy at all cost by the show's antagonist Robbie Rotten. Upon arrival of Stephanie to the town and the town's lookout hero Sportacus, they'll do everything to change the way of living of Lazytown's citizens. The main message of the show usually revolves on promoting a good and healthy lifestyle for children like doing exercise, and eating a good and balanced diet everyday. Aside from its health-related messages to its audiences, Lazytown also shows episodes that shows basic life lessons for children. The show premiered on August 2004 starting with its debut season, 2006 for the second season, 2013 for the third season, and 2014 for the fourth season. Currently, as of this time, there are no news if there is a latest season on plan.

Every episode usually revolves on anything that is related to healthy lifestyle: doing sports, being physically active, doing exercise, playing outside, eating fruits and vegetables (In the show, these are referred to as SportsCandy). Some episodes also tackles values like honesty, value of friendship, teamwork, and being socially active. To make every episode very pleasing to the young audiences, every episode is usually accompanied with songs and dance to make it very catchy to the audiences.

Over the years since its creation in 2004, Lazytown had been nominated to different awards, winning some of them. Sadly as of this time, Lazytown was last shown here in the Philippines way back 2008 and some new episodes from the Seasons 3 and 4 are all accessible on YouTube.

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