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Most of my friends and relatives would always consider Japan as one of the great destinations they want to visit. I had a chance to have a “staycation” in Japan and these are the things that made me love about the life in Land of the Rising Sun.

1.       It’s already given, they’re NATIONALISTIC.

-          The moment I stepped on the floor in Fukuoka Japan, I was mesmerized seeing that I’m the aspiring person who attempts to live with these people who have an own world. They have their own cartoons, sports, etc. Everything was in their own characters of translation. I just like how they appreciate there own stuff <3 
       And most especially, they have distinct products that only them has it.  Kitkats with unusual flavors and yet tastes good; vending machines that  sells cars, crepes and other stuff other than snacks.

photo courtesy and check this blog to see different flavors! : (http://kotaku.com/5983276/15-flavors-of-japanese-kit-kats-the-snacktaku-review)

2.       Dishes are the best wishes!
Drooling is apparently one of things that I saw on the people whom I shared about how authentic Japanese food tastes like. First time to eat raw fish was never a regret of mine. Here’s a list of photos from Kumamoto Japan’s dishes.

Rice is the core of dishes in every household in Japan and will always be together with soup salad and main dishes.

3.       Hi tech toilet bathrooms
-          Japanese always brings out the best in everything. They always find convenience for their consumers. What I loved about their innovations are their toilets.
Toilets are like computers to them. Their “washlets” have 3 to 6 buttons that are varied to shower for bowel movement, shower for women, its water pressure intensity, and even sound effects to avoid interruption or embarrassment and a deodorizer too!

photo courtesy: Toto

Japanese toilet facts, some have remotes too!: (http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/04/toto_washlet_s350e_the_incredible_japanese_wonder_toilet_that_will_change.html)

4.       Tissues are of different kinds!
-          When I say different, tissues of theirs are more developed and differentiated from each other. In Japan, tissues in toilets are to be disposed together with flushing! Tissues in toilets easily break down to reduce trash and avoid clog. Whenever one would visit gas stations, piles of soft tissues are given as an act of hospitality too. Tissues are almost free; I could have a lot of tissues from “promodizers” just walking by the mall or the subway.
-          Another thing is wet tissues, it is very vital for Japanese to wipe their hands with wet tissue or towel as sanitation before eating.
photo courtesy: (http://anything-from-japan.com/case-3776-mount-fuji-tissue-bag)

fun facts about tissues as advertisements in Japan: http://www.japantoday.com/category/lifestyle/view/fun-facts-about-pocket-tissue-ads-in-japan

5.       Children Streetwise
-          Children in their younger years in school, they are taught to walk with their friends when going home. I see children who are knowledgeable in basic street rules such as making signal when crossing on the road. They become more responsible with themselves.

photo courtesy : (samisinjapan.wordpress.com)

There are more things to explore about Japan and its people.. an incredible experience to have a slice of life with.. 


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