Written By Roi Plata on Friday, September 26, 2014 | 9:54:00 AM
Imba, the famous word of gamer's today is one of the nominees for 2014 Word of The Year together with 12 other words and one one them will be chosen at Sawikaan 2014 today. ( I wonder why "AW" and "WEW" were not nominated).

The Nominees are:
  • hashtag
  • pdaf
  • selfie
  • whistle blower
  • storm surge
  • imba
  • Filipinas
  • riding in tandem
  • cctv
  • peg
  • endo
  • kalakal
  • bossing
According to Sawikaan, the nomination of the words is base on its popularity and have resulted a big influence in the political, socio-cultural, economic and other aspects that involves or influence Filipino life. Also, the word may be an old which developed a new meaning or may be borrowed from foreign languages.

The words that were chosen before were canvass (2004), jueteng (2005), lobat (2006), miskol (2007), jejemon (2010)  and wangwang (2012).

Sawikaan 2014: Pagpili ng Salitan ng Taon is organized by the Filipinas Insitute of Translation Inc., in partner with the National Commission for Culture and Arts, Komisyon ng Wikang Pilipino and University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters.

Ikaw? ano ang bet mong mapili bilang Word of the Year?


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