Written By Danley Rubica on Friday, September 19, 2014 | 10:50:00 PM
Hoaxes have been part of the satirical world of the Internet ever since. Different hoax had been a global and phenomenal trend ever since. Some are really obviously false while other hoax is almost as near as a fact. Hoax had since then shaped the course of human life in different perspectives everyday.

Moon's cosmic ray, as depicted by the light blue spots.
One hoax news had recently spread these past days and this hoax is about cosmic rays from Mars that will hit Earth. This cosmic rays was rumored in the hoax that can cause high radiation in opened gadgets and it is added to the hoax that everyone mus turn off their gadgets starting 10:30pm up to 3:30am tomorrow. The hoax had spread all over the country thru text and was spammed all over other cellphone users. This hoax had started in late 2010 in the US in which BBC news had posted a news article about it.

So what are these cosmic rays? A cosmic ray is a immensely high-energy radiation that originates outside the solar system. There is no confirmed study where cosmic rays come from but researches from NASA states that these cosmic rays come from supernovae, active galactic nuclei, quasars, and gamma-ray bursts. As contrary to the hoax, there is still no confirmed information that heavenly bodies such as planets can create cosmic rays and Earth has a stable atmosphere that can protect its inhabitants from cosmic rays.

My own opinions about this hoax is that this thing is 100% obviously satirical to people who has idea in the field of modern electronics and computers. If we do got caught by the satire news and followed such order, every computer and gadget will be turned off which will also include the vital computers used by radar operators in airports, weather agencies, or even in broadcasting stations. Shutting these down just for that kind of joke would cripple the entire nation in a very disastrous manner. Instead of putting nonsense hoaxes just to get the attention of the people, we should instead use it to spread information on what really cosmic rays are.


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