Written By Roi Plata on Monday, August 18, 2014 | 9:10:00 PM
Monday, the most hated day of the week. People considered this day as the worst day for decades. It's even prove by some researchers that Monday are so depressing that, on average, we don't crack our first smile until 11:16 am and more than half of us will spend the day complaining, particularly morning .

Thanks to the unlimited power of the internet (But still not free), We found the three main reasons why most of us hate this day, and of course! we will share it to you guys.

  • Everything Start on Monday... Again - It's either you hate your, job, your school or your life, most of our activities, work and weekdays routine start on this day. Waking up realizing that reality is waiting for you. Dealing again with your annoying boss, getting away with bullies or lining up for everything(food, paying bills, trains etc), and you can do nothing about it because Monday will stay, forever.
  • You hate your job - Your are sitting at your desk waiting for lunch so you can get back at your desk and wait for the end of the day. Nothing is excited on this day but only the fact that the next day will be Tuesday and you got only four more days to go before weekend. If this is you, then you have the right to hate Monday.
  • Weekend is Over - Have you ever say to say to yourself  the phrase "Back to reality" after a weekend getaway vacation or doing nothing for two days? One of the main reason why most of us hate Monday because it is the day next to Sunday. Waking up after two days doing nothing but only to have fun really will make you hate that day. Especially that someone had better weekend than you. Your office-mate telling stories on how great their weekend was, or your boss showing his photos with some hot chicks in a yacht while you drink beer alone for two days will absolutely make you hate that Monday is still need to come. 
But wait, remember what most people use to say that every problem has a solution. The study  also revealed that there are five ways, not three! to get over that horrible and depressing Monday Blues.
  1. Watching TV
  2. Having Sex
  3. On-line Shopping
  4. Buying chocolate or make-up
  5. Planning a holiday
So cheer up, because there are more ways on how to love this day. How about you? how do you get over with Monday Blues? Share it with us by dropping some comment below.


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