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Volleyball is a sport that is mostly known to us being played by women and men alike. We always see it being played on local and international tournaments, as well as to some inter-collegiate competitions. This story will cover about a teenage girl who plays for the U19 Kazakhstan national volleyball team named Sabina Altynbekova.

Sabina Altynbekova. Photo courtesy of financetwitter.com
Somewhat, volleyball fans who watched the 17th Asian Women's U-19 Volleyball Championship in Taipei would have an idea of her. People all over the internet would say that she is a "player on fire" for the Kazakhstan volleyball team but it gives out the reason that it was her "looks" and not her playing skills.

Critics say Sabina Altynbekova, 17, is so beautiful that it's a distraction to the sport. Even the athlete's own coach says his team is increasingly about one player, at least as far as the fans are concerned.
"It is impossible to work like this, the crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship." - Nurlan Sadikov, Kazakhstan Women's U19 volleyball team coach.
Their team's participation in the recent tournament in Taiwan had sparked an online sensation especially to Altynbekova. Taiwanese fans were spotted watching the games holding Kazakhstan flags and even went early before the match just to get a glimpse of her. It was like that Altynbekova just gets the eyes and the attention of fans and players, teammate or opponents alike.

Altynbekova on a volleyball game
She became an online sensation just because of her looks. Videos of her on YouTube just doing some simple workouts before the volleyball game receives thousands of views. Numerous Facebook pages and Twitter accounts had spawned claiming connection to her but she confirmed to her fans and followers that she is only limited to social networking sites, citing her Instagram and VK accounts. VK is a popular social networking site in Europe, as well as to the former Soviet Union countries, including her native Kazakhstan.

Altynbekova's post on her Instagram, confirming her legit social
networking site accounts. 
It is told by her mother, Nuripa Amrievna, that the volleyball sensation had attended a school for gifted children and is recently enrolled at Kazakh University for Humanities and Law.
"I wanted her to be admitted to the law (school), but she chose sports." - Nuripa Amrievna, Altynbekova's mother.
It is also reported that her mother wants to her to go modelling.
"But she will not go there -- we as parents are against (it)," Nuripa Amrievna, Altynbekova's mother.


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