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Coffee had been part of every Filipino dining ever since the Spanish times. We can always see people drink coffee on almost every part of the day: morning, afternoon, or even at nighttime. Somewhat, this Filipino dining tradition that had been part of our everyday lives had sparked an emergence to the existence of coffee shops here in Philippines like Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee, and Cafe de Lipa. But in my travelling history, trying such things on a certain area like food is a must for a traveler and in my trip to Tagaytay this past weekend (July 20) I found a coffee shop where their hot beverages, could even compete in the coffee served in Starbucks, named Bag of Beans.

The front door of Bag of Beans
Bag of Beans is already well known in Tagaytay City since 2001 for their fine brewing of "Kapeng Barako" and "Kapeng Alamid" for local and foreign tourists alike. Since then, this coffee shop had been well known by those people who usually went to Tagaytay City for many times already, and these are the reason why this coffee shop could even match the "big name" coffee shops like we usually know:

The interior of the Bag of Beans coffee shop. Photo courtesy of
The Bag of Beans interior is inspired by a semi-garden like setting. Guests who go to this coffee shop, aside from the coffee and the food, also like to feel the essence and ambiance of the coffee shop which shows a good environment setting. There are also gazebos where guests can enjoy their coffee and dining in a more comfortable and pleasing way. The setting of their coffee shop is worth paying together with the coffee and food if you're a tourist in Tagaytay. And another thing, their coffee is a less expensive than Starbucks, but with the same taste. Bag of Beans' coffee is a lot more tastier for me though.

Bag of Beans' vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut coffee
Aside from the coffee and other hot beverages, Bag of Beans also serve breakfast, merienda, lunch, dinner, and buffet on their menu. Guests, most of them as said by the crew of Bag of Beans, loved the coffee shops' strawberry & blueberry cheesecakes which are scrumptious. Bag of Beans do also sell souvenir items for their guests in form of mugs engraved with their name. These mugs come from small up to large sizes and also, an up-for-grabs for tourists.

A Bag of Beans souvenir mug
Bag of Beans' Sheperds Pie
So if you're up for a coffee break or merienda in Tagaytay or you just want to taste something new regarding coffee, I suggest you try going here and I assure you, you'll love their hot beverages and the food. You can find their coffee shop along Aguinaldo Highway in Mendez Crossing West area.

For more information about Bag of Beans, you can check out their website: http://www.bagofbeans.com.ph/


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