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The most excited thing about going to school is the first day, specially if you are a freshmen in college. Meeting new faces, fixing your own schedule, budgeting your money,  and exploring Manila, you can really feel like being independent.

So if you are searching in the web for some tips for your first day in college, be happy because we already compiled it for you.

So here it is, your First Day Tips for College Freshmen.

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1. Show up for the first day of Class - Some Professors might change your class schedule due to conflicts and it often happen on the first week or on the first day. It may be a change in time schedule or room number, so to avoid more hassle in your part it is important to attend your first day. Well I think most of you guys will attend your first day of class, not only because you are excited but you don't want to feel "OP" on the second day when everyone in your class have already their own friends or group right?

2.Don't forget to bring the college student's best friend - The yellow paper, trust me you will need it until the last day. for what? writing stuffs. Don't be parasite to your other classmates, showing how irresponsible and incompetent you are will give you a hard time finding group mates in projects and in your thesis. Remember first impression lasts, at least show you are good at something. Being responsible.

3. Don't Buy the Books - until after the first day, Some professors will not require you anymore to buy a book for their subject if they are not the author of that book, and some are so good in lecturing that all you need to do is to listen and to take down notes.

4. Take down notes - even if you have "photographic memory", it's still important to take down all the requirements and lectures of your professor. It is much easier to review your notes than reading the topic on the net or on your textbook.

5. Due tomorrow, Do tomorrow is not cool - Trust me, I've seen this, I've done this, you don't want this. start the work on  the day your project or research gave to you, I'm not saying to rush things up but start early, in that way, you will have more time to analyze and revise your work. and once you finish early you will have more time to relax and enjoy you free time.

And last thing, Enjoy - The most exciting part in the first day for college freshmen is everything. Everything is new, the atmosphere, the people, the place. Be friendly, explore your campus and the city, try new things , enjoy your first day, because trust me you will need it.

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