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Marina Diamandis, also known as Marina and the Diamonds
Everyone we met in our everyday life always have their own passion for music. The popularity of pop music had made the music scene a daily trend and a part of every people's pop culture. Music as well gave the reputation and fame for the singers and bands we idolize almost the whole time.

I, personally admit myself that I am a Katy Perry fan. Some people and mutual fans I know call a Katy Perry fan as a KatyCat. In my years of listening to different kind of English songs, my taste usually falls on the mainstream ones, until one of my fan friends had introduced me to indie music and to a singer that I am sure only few Filipinos know, Marina and the Diamonds.

Now who is Marina and the Diamonds? Is it band (Hence, the name) or some sort of a random musician? Well, if I tell you guys, Marina and the Diamonds is a screen name of the solo Welsh singer Marina Diamandis. If you got curious what is that "Diamonds" thing, she used it to describe her fans hence coming out with a conclusion of "Marina and her fans".
Marina and the Diamond's first album, The Family Jewels
Marina and the Diamonds had started her career in music in 2005 but her fame only rises on the islands of United Kingdom. In this time, she had released her EP's but it was in 2010 that she released her first album entitled "The Family Jewels" that made her name be known to North America, especially in the United States. Since then, Marina's fame is now well known in Europe and North America at this time that her album at this time of 2010 made her kick-off her "The Family Jewels Tour".

Electra Heart, Marina and the Diamond's second album.
In 2012, she and Robyn are the front acts on Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour which had helped Marina and the Diamonds get additional fans and make her fame strong. In this year, she released her second album, "Electra Heart" and the album boosted the hit single "Primadonna" in which Marina's most successful single at this time. In her sophomore album, she had cemented her fame status on North America and Europe and the success of her "Electra Heart" album made her kick-off her second tour "The Lonely Hearts Club Tour" which lasted until May 2013.

How Marina and the Diamonds' music had reached the Filipinos and created a few Filipino Diamonds' is still a big question to me as a music listener. One big factor to this is the Internet itself if I ask anyone. At this point of time, there are only rare people who knows Marina and the Diamonds but I believe, one day, her name will be known by many Filipino music listeners. If you're curious of how she voice like in singing, here's a music video of her hit single "Primadonna".

If you want to know more about Marina and the Diamonds, check out her official website: www.marinaandthediamonds.com/


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