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March is the International Women's History month but this post is not for women, but for all the people living with women with cancer.
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My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer back when I was child, that time I still don't have any idea what is happening, all I know is my mother never comes out of her room and her hair is starting to fall out. After months of chemotherapy she got better, she get back to her normal life, to our normal life, Like it was never happen, She still have monthly check ups but everything is fine.

Years have passed, Me and my other siblings are all grown ups, getting ready to face the real world and to settle down, I discover something that tested my faith. Our parents kept the secret that my mother is once again suffering from cancer, and this time a Stage 4 Bone Cancer.

This time is different, This time, I can see what is really happening, I can see everything. This is the time where my faith is being tested, this the time I questioned myself if God really exist. We tried our best to be a good Catholics, going to Mass every Sunday and holidays, My mother even volunteered in a social service after she got better from her previous cancer. This is the time I questioned God, Why us?

I remember the day when I brought my mother to hospital via ambulance, nothing more painful than seeing your mother lying in an ambulance bed. Not knowing what will happen I just sit in the end of car and just look all the cars we pass away.

I remember the day I carried my mother's oxygen tank to our car going to hospital for her therapy. I remember the day I help my mother walk because she can't stand alone anymore, I remember the day when I just hide and cry because I know there is nothing I can do.

I'm wrong, there is more that I can do. If my father never give up and do everything just to send my mother in a good hospital, there is something that I can do. If my aunt never give up to take care my mother when my father is at work and when we are at school, there is something that I can do. If my mother never give up for us and to be us again for more years, there is something that I can do.

The days when I see my mother's smile, seeing her getting stronger as days goes on are the days I will never forget. Reading her texts on my phone jut to know how am I doing are the days I will never forget. The days that everyone is there to support us and to be with us in this times of trials are the days I will never forget.

Life can be tough sometimes, But together with your family, it is just a piece of cake. For all sons, husbands, brothers and sisters, friends of people have cancer be strong for them. showing to them that everything is just going to be fine is the best support that we can give. Because sometimes, the best medicines are cannot be found in tablets and injections but with people who loved them most.

Years ago, my mother knocked out her Breast Cancer. Right now she is battling with her stage 4 Bone Cancer and guess what, She is winning.


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