Written By Den V on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | 2:39:00 PM

Every year, many hopefuls are very energetic for facing their somewhat called REALITY ZONE. There are challenges waiting for you.

Here are tips for patient entering in reality gate:
  1. Though graduation is the end of all your work and practiced skills, it is another beginning of dealing with the corporate world or the world you are to work what you learned.

  2. Common scenario is you will miss school. It’s a regret to rush your life as a student. Take time to live as a single-happy-living now. Still wait for the right time in everything.

  3. It’s not as easy to grab a job especially when you are getting opportunities on peak seasons. We can say that you are in a game of 1 vs 100. Waiting game is also essential here. Don’t just grab jobs just for salary. Aim for what you are passionate about.

  4. Your life would be tougher now. Considerations like in school are not possible anymore.Yet, be kind and also be competitive.

  5. It will not only be you. We know you want to solo your salary. But then again, let us not forget our parents or whoever who have supported us in our academic journey. We can help them in any way as possible.

  6. Your life is now at stake-and we mean your expense will not be from parents. Maybe at first, it would be hard to manage your own salary. But then again, like in school you should learn how to prioritize.  There are things that you should buy now and buy later.

  7. The greatest perks would be having a treat from a great hard work. Worth waiting. ^_^



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