Written By Danley Rubica on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 | 9:16:00 PM
On the eve of Valentines Day, billboards of "Olivia, will you marry me? 21414" had been seen across waiting sheds along EDSA and Commonwealth Avenue that somewhat sparked the curiosity of passer-bys, bringing the question to their minds of "Who Olivia is?"

Some people had an answer that this was a "gimmick" by John Prats, whose in a relationship with Isabel Oli as of this time. Isabel Oli's real name was Olivia Daytia and the date 21414 is John Prat's birthday, therefore bringing a conclusion that John Prats proposes to Isabel Oli on the mentioned date of February 14, 2014.

However, John Prats had answered that he is not the one behind the billboards supporting it with a word that if he will propose to Isabel, she is the one to know first. Also, on Isabel Oli's side, she said that John Prats is a private person and added that she will announce it publicly if they got engaged.

Now who is this Olivia and what is the mystery behind the billboards? Is this a gimmick to promote a feminine product? or a gimmick of a random Filipino guy proposing to his love named Olivia?

The only nearest answer to the question of "who is Olivia and who is proposing to her", though has no brief confirmation, is about a fictional character Olivia Pope and her would-be fiance, Fitzgerald Grant. Both people are fictional characters of the TV show Scandal, which will air on February 27. Scandal tells of the story of Pope, a crisis manager of the consulting firm Olivia Pope and Associates whose clients are high profile politicians including the President of the United States Fitzgerald Grant III. The theorized answer to the mystery behind the billboards was from Bella Padilla's tweet about the new TV show.

Few days after Valentines Day, another related billboard to the "Olivia, will you marry me?" billboards had spawned and it gave the confirmed answer to the mystery and it is confirmed now that it is an advertisement of one of condominiums of Empire East Land Holdings Inc., Pioneer Woodlands, which is located in Mandaluyong. The image below is a photo of the latest billboard shot by of one of Rappler.com's writers.

The latest billboard says "Olivia said YES! So we bought our first investment together at Pioneer Woodlands Mandaluyong City". Addition to the billboard is the 21414 numbers is actually the weekly price of a unit on the condominium. "For as low as P2141.4/week", as printed on the new billboard.

The mystery behind the billboard is now solved, and the advertisement campaign actually had sparked the curiosity of Filipinos and thereby, created a conclusion to the Empire East Land Holdings Inc. marketing strategy, a genius one. So the theory behind John Prat's proposal to Isabel Oli, and the TV show Scandal, being related to the billboards is not the answer behind the infamous billboards.


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