Written By Danley Rubica on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 | 9:21:00 PM

If moviegoers would be asked of what is the best 2013 movie they've watched this year. You might find out that some of them would answer that Pacific Rim is one of them.

The movie itself revolves in the years 2013 onwards to 2025 whereas the countries in the Pacific are under attack by the Kaijus, colossal beasts who came from the underneaths of the Pacific Ocean. In order to combat them, humans living in the countries near Pacific created the Jaegers, colossal robots capable of fighting them. But as years go by, the Kaiju had adapted to the fighting strategies of the Jaegers which makes them grow stronger as the years go by. The surviving Jaegers were out to be sent to Hong Kong for last stand because the UN itself would stop funding the Jaegers and instead, use it to create the anti-Kaiju wall.

The effects of the movie can be relatively compared to the three Transformers films, in which both movies revolve in robots and mechanized technology. The high accounts of science fiction will also encourage people to watch and its revolution of its storyline to the robots and monsters will surely make the movie action -packed. Also, the movie will also give people idea of what is a Kaiju. For everyone's information, Godzilla itself is not a dinosaur, but a Kaiju as well.

The plot mostly revolves in the year 2020 to 2025 where the Kaijus started to grow stronger in fighting. As movie watchers say in this film, the plot itself lacks some stories and scenarios of how really the Jaegers have started. Its like the movie itself shall be the ending of the story. More people also wants to know the background of the other 3 Jaegers (being Cherno Alpha of Russia, Crimson Typhoon of China, Coyote Tango of Japan, and Striker Eureka of Australia) before the movie. Most of the parts of the movie only revolves to the American jaeger, Gipsy Danger.

As an overall verdict, this movie will only receive 4-stars due to some incompleteness in the plot. This movie has great effects, and storyline and a must watch for everyone, but curiosity will always arise on other scenes especially the one that is mentioned in this review.


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