Written By Roi Plata on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | 5:39:00 PM
Nancy Binay (Nancy Sombillo Binay Angeles), Daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay, One of the Senatorial Candidates of the 2013 Senatorial Election and about to proclaim as one of the Senators of the Republic of the Philippines.

After receiving lots negative feedback from the Social Media last campaign and election she still manage to win. 

But Why Social Media Hate Nancy?

1. Not Participating on Debates - After the netizen heard the 'Fake' news that Nancy had a Temporary Protection Order from the court against any kind of discussion and/or debates, netizens rage calling her Dumb and not fit for a public office. She also receive criticism after she refuse to debate Risa Hontiveros, also a Senatorial Candidate, and chooses to focus on campaigns instead. 

Binay said she had no more time for debates because there are still many provinces she need to visit and she needs more grounds to cover because she joined the senatorial race relatively late after one of the candidates of United Nationalist Alliance, Joey De Venecia backed out. Nancy Binay said that the other candidates had already prepared a year ago because they had already an intentions of running for the senate.

2. No Clear Track Record - Nancy Binay served as a "Personal Assistant" to her parents. She said one of her interviews that her 20-years of OJT under her parents is enough to run for the senate. Between 1998 and 2001 she performed Administrative duties as personal assistant to her mother who was then the Mayor of Makati. From 2010 She has been a personal Assistant to his father who is the current Vice President. 

She is involved in various humanitarian causes. Member of the Board of several foundations like Brighthalls Children's Foundation, Serbisyong Tunay Foundation and the JCB.

The reason why the netizens saying Nancy Binay has no Track Record because they are comparing her with Risa Hontiveros, but some of the senatorial candidates also have no clear records or no any government and legislative experience like Bam Aquino, Eddie Villanueva and Grace Poe.

3. From a Family of Politicians - His father Jejomar Binay is currently the Vice President of the Philippines, His brother Jun Jun Binay recently re-elected as the Mayor of Makati, her sister, Abigail Binay elected as the representaive of Makati in the Congress and soon to be proclaimed as one of the Senators of the Philippines Nancy Binay. 

Political Dynasty is widely spread in the Philippines. One Family running a city or in a different government positions. People nowadays based their votes on names and not anymore on experience and platforms. The recently Senatorial elections shows that some of the new Senatorial candidates have potential to be a good leader, but most of the winners are either re-electionist or from a family of politician.  I still don't get the point why people keep voting on the same names even they don't see any improvements.

Nancy Binay's Memes and edited pictures is scattered all over the internet. The famous so far is the Fake Cover of  the Time Magazine with a caption of "The Most STUPID Country to Elect a 20-year OJT as a Senator". 

Fake articles about Nancy Binay is also all over the social media, because she is famous, some bloggers use this to attract visitors from their blog. One of the fake article that receives many negative comments is the Mosquito Press. The article is about Nancy reveals childhood trauma. If you want to read click Here.

Image from SoWhatsNews
There is a limit for everything, I didn't vote for Nancy, But respect her, She is still a woman and a mother. And the fact that there is nothing more that we can do because she is now one of the senator of the Philippines and remember the new Cybercrime law so think before you click. 


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