Written By Roi Plata on Saturday, May 11, 2013 | 12:46:00 PM
Here are the things to remember this coming Election day given by the Commission on Election.
  • Bring a valid ID's like Passports, License, student ID etc. Cedula and Barangay certificate are NOT accepted
  • Look for your name in the list of voters posted on every polling place
  • After finding your name, look for a Board of Election Inspector (BEI) and tell them your name.
  • Sign in at Voter's Computerized List with Voting Records
  • Show your forefinger to BEI to show that you still have no indelible ink  and have not voted yet.
  • Get the Official Ballot and a marker pen from BEI
  • Shave the Oval across your desired candidate. 
  • After voting, Insert your ballot into the PCOS machine and wait for the message on the screen that says "CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN REGISTERED."
  • Proceed to BEI to put an indelible ink on your forefinger.
That's it! But Please, Vote Wisely! 
  • Don't vote candidates because of their surnames, being a good leader is not a generic trait. 
  • Enough with the promises of politician that they can end poverty, vote those with clear platforms and no bad record. 
  • Don't base your choice on surveys, Vote who you think is qualified.
  • Vote for candidates who already prove themselves base on their track record and credibility.
Here are also some tips created by Brod Pete (Isko Salvador) about the thing to remember before the Election 2013.


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