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"From the calm morning , the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be 9."
This quote that some people said written by Nostradamus really caught the attention of Netizens, Not only that it really referred to the famous Gangnam Style, It is also said the the end will come which match with the Mayan Calendar 2012 End of the World Prophecy.

So what is the real meaning of said qoute?

The "Calm Morning" represent the eastern ideology, The Korean mindfulness. The Calm term is also suggesting that it is a non-violent emergence and it will be embraced and adored by the people, which is the simple and catchy dance, the Dancing horse. And Nine zeros, The Video of PSY's Gangnam Style in youtube already hits over 9 million views, and nearly will reach to 1,000,000,000, as you can see 1 billion have 9 zeros and Zero is actually a circle. So those nine circles are referring to the number of views the Gangnam style Youtube video will reach when the prophecy will be done. 

According to UniforMediaMusic (Uploader of Nostradamus Psy Gangnam Style Doomsday 2012 - Documentary) The Gangnam Video 
averages 8 millions views per day and by Dec 21, 2012 it reach it will have 1 billion views.

Stay calm people, There is no any record, proof or evidence that the predictions is written by Nostradamus. 
No, Even a smallest bit of Internet research that Nostradamus wrote the quote.
Nostradamus believe to have been born in the year 1503, So it's really impossible He wrote or speak 
those quotes on the same year he was born.

This Picture was created by "Aquarius58" in a website called godlikeprodictions.com and he admitted that 
"I was having fun, That is all". This Picture started the trend of End of the World and followed by this 

Even I got goosebumps when I watched the Documentary, But People this is Internet, anything can happen.
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  1. seriously, i don't get why this is popular. this is neither funny, nor entertaining. i don't get you people.
    damn almost a billion views .. for this