Written By Roi Plata on Friday, November 9, 2012 | 11:44:00 AM
Out of 36 Fil-Am candidates, 21 are won in the recent US Election. 

As the Second Largest Asian group in the US with 3.4 million, Filipinos show their presence as voters and desire for political empowerment, and 21 of them stand out.

Jose Esteves became the Mayor of Milpitas after the fifth time. The 66 years-old from Dagupan win againts Rob Means with 72% of the votes.

Robert Scott was re-elected  to an 11th term as Virginia's 3rd district representative in the US Congress in Washington DC.

According to GMA here the Confirmed List of the Winners in the recent US Election 2012.

1.Robert C. /Bobby/ Scott - 10th term as Virginia congressman (3rd district)
2. Rob Bonta - California state legislature assemblyman
3. Henry Aquino ( Hawaii House of Rep 38th district) - unopposed
4. Romy Cachola (Hawaii  House of Rep 30th district) - unopposed
5. Gilbert S. Keith-Agaran (Hawaii House of Rep 9th district) - unopposed
6. Will Espero (Hawaii Senate 19th district) - unopposed
7. Donna Mercado Kim (Hawaii Senate 14th district) - unopposed
8. Della Au Belatti (Hawaii House of Rep 24th district),  won
9. Rida Cabanilla-Arakawa (Hawaii House of Rep 41st), won
10. Ty Cullen (Hawaii House of Rep 39th district) won
11. Donovan Dela Cruz (Hawaii Senate 22nd district) won
12. Jim Navarro (Union City Council) won
13. Wendy Ho (Evergreen Valley Community College Board, District 5) won

List of winners confirmed on November 8, 2012:
14. Dennis Rodriguez Jr. (Guam Senate) won
15. Jonas Dino, New Haven (New Haven USD Governing Board Member, Union City) - won 2nd place (three seats)
16. Rudy Nasol (San Jose Evergreen Community College School District) - won
17. Jose Esteves, Mayor of Milpitas, re-elected - won by 72%;
18. Tony Daysog - ALAMEDA City Council -  won; 2nd place
19. Stewart Chen - ALAMEDA City Council - won 3rd place, will take over Rob Bonta's city council seat when Rob Bonta becomes a CA Assemblymember
20. Dennis Rodriguez - Guam Senate, re-electionist - won
21. Vince Songcayawon - Evergreen School District Board of Trustee - won -GMA NEWS


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