Written By Roi Adrian Plata on Thursday, August 9, 2012 | 6:46:00 PM
A new batch of graduates is getting ready to get their very first job and the resume maybe one of the most important things they need. The main purpose of your resume is to provide a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments. It is not an autobiography, it is only a "snapshot" of who you are and to emphasize your interest to secure a job interview. 

So I compiled some tips from different sites and blogs to help you and to save your most beloved resume from the shredder.

as Yahoo! says "What you don't include on your resume can be as important as what you do include."

So here it is, the things you should never put on your resume

1. Forget the Objective, They know you want the job
Objective never helps, not only they are outdated for 2014, but also it is all about what you want.  Remember that the whole hiring process is all about what the employer wants, They don't want to know on how much you need the job and what you will get once you have the job. your resume should be about your skills accomplishment and experience. but if you still want to talk about this, There is always a Facebook Status. 

2. Irrelevant Work Experiences
If you became an Employee of the Month in KFC and want to share it to your IT employer, forget about it. Your story belong somewhere else. List only work experience that will benefit the company you are applying to.

3. Forget about High school
Make it short, or better just remove it. Employer don't care which high school you attended and what great story you had been there. 

4. Hobbies
Well, if you think it will help you to get the job you may do so, but if it is irrelevant to your job it is just a waste of space. in the first place, it is not your Facebook profile.

5. Your Photo
Unless, you will send your resume online or through email. Your appearance has nothing to do with your ability to do the job, (except if you are applying as a model). Including photo make your resume unprofessional.  But If I were the employer and you are one of the most hottest girl in the city, you may do so.

That's it! If you think I forgotten something or include something to be not included in the list, Feel Free to comment!