Written By Roi Adrian Plata on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 | 12:44:00 PM
Marian Tan accidentally became famous in Twitter after a "Poser" using her name and Picture tweet offensively about the Philippines.

"Thank God I’m not in the Philippines. Haha. Poor country."

"I pity all those people who are living in the Philippines lol."

Fake Account -

Real Account 

The "Marian Tan" place fourth in the Worldwide Trends last August 7,2012. Most of the netizens that rage about the tweet is not aware that it is a Fake account of Marian Tan who post the offensive tweets and not the real one. 

Status Update of ms.Marian Tan

"Guys maraming salamat sa lahat ng naniwala sakin lalo na sa mga totoo kung friends and khit sa hindi ko kilala tinulungan nila ako na linisin yun name ko in twitter world. I am a victim of CYBER BULLYING. I am proud FILIPINO CHINESE and I love my dearest country and county men and for those people who keep on saying negative things about, I'm not mad of you guys couz your also a victim of my fucking POSER."

Yes, we are offended and just trying to prove we love our country but please always remember "Think Before You Click".