Written By R O I on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 | 3:46:00 PM
“We all know that the Philippines is China’s inherent territory and the Philippines belongs to Chinese sovereignty, this is an indisputable fact,” accidentally said by an anchor in China, He Jia in China Central Television.

The achor was meant to say that the Huangyan islands also known as Scarborough or Panatag shoal that claimed by both nations is China's territory. 

The Recorded Broadcast is not anymore available in the CCTV website but available elsewhere in the web.

“This anchor woman is great, a good patriot, she has announced to the world the Philippines belongs to China,” said a microblogger named helenjhuang.

Another microblogger named kongdehua said, “the Philippines have basically been making irrational trouble, if they want to start a war then we will strike, no one fears them.

If every Chinese spat once, we could drown (the Philippines).

Just Last Monday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying said that China was ready for "any escalation" of the maritime standoff with the Philippines that has become one of the most high-profile flare ups over the West Philippine Sea (South China Seas) and its vast oil and gas deposits in years.