Written By R O I on Thursday, April 19, 2012 | 5:42:00 PM
The Manila, Philippines capital has been named by the CNNgo.com travel and lifestyle website as the world's city for driving. Before it is also has been tagged as one of the most dangerous places in the world for motorcycle owners.

CNNGo, the travel news website of the Cable News Network, made a “non-scientific” list of the ten worst cities in the world for driving, which is based on different surveys, World Bank statistics and other Internet sources.

CNNgo said In 2001, Manila borrowed US$60 million from the World Bank for transit-related activities. Among other things, the funds were meant to “promote the use of non-motorized transport.”

"A campaign asking locals to “Please stop driving,” however, wasn't necessarily the best approach to traffic management.
According to one report, “Residents perceive traffic congestion as their number one problem, followed by air pollution, garbage collection, flood control and the need for security.”
So, Filipinos care more about getting to work on time than they do about respiratory ailments, mounting trash heaps, drowning or being assaulted? Capitalism wins again!
Redeeming quality: You're in a country in which smooth-flowing traffic is apparenly of utmost importance to residents. So, you gotta figure somebody, somewhere is working on the problem. Right?" CNNgo said

Worse than Manila were also two Asian cities like New Delhi, India and Beijing, China  which rank 2 and 1.

Completing the list were Lagos, Nigeria; Sao Paolo, Brazil; Moscow, Russia; Toronto, Canada; and Monaco, which ranked sixth to tenth respectively.

CNNgo also named Manila as one of Asia's greatest food cities early this year including Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok.