Written By R O I on Monday, February 20, 2012 | 6:54:00 PM

Filipino microbloggers have declared that February 19 and 20 should be Sarah G. Day in honor of Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo.
Tweeps are excitedly tweeting about the twenty-three-year-old singer and her on-stage performances. They say, “to enlighten foreigners around the world: Sarah G. Day refers to one of the Most Talented Singers here in Philippines, Sarah Geronimo.”

Twitterers are posting uplifting messages with the phrase “Life's Too Short.”

They say life is too short: “to hate, stress, or hurt anyone. Enjoy the short life you are given and make the best moments in life last forever,” “to worry about what other people think of you” and “to spend your time making other people miserable, spend your time being happy & making others happy too!” 

Sarah G live

  The term “Sarah G Day” was the top worldwide trending topic for more than seventy two hours and until now. As of posting, it is still the top trending topic in the Philippines.

"Sarah G Live!" will start airing on Sunday, February 26, after "Rated K." 

Updates: Julie Ann San Jose Day also become trending last few days but knock out by the Sarah G. Day fans.
Many says that some just try to show that Julie Anne is better than Sarah but "trending" speak louder than words.