Written By Roi Plata on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 | 7:49:00 PM

I'm sure you have heard the name of Ahcee Flores in facebook, twitter and other social networking sites, if not, Ahcee Flores is the newest of target of net attacks because of her recently post in twitter about the earthquake in Visayas.

Apart from the hashtags #PrayforPH and #earthquake as trending topics on Twitter Philippines, an unfamiliar name, that of a certain Ahcee Flores, was in the list too.

What did Ahcee Flores do?

Apparently, "Ahcee Flores" posted a comment in Yahoo! Philippines' news story about the earthquake and wished Visayans ill.

“Let us all pray……. Na matuloy ang tsunami para maraming bisaya ang mamatay, para mabawasan ang mga baduy sa pilipinas [I hope the tsunami pushes through so people from Visayas will die..so the outdated will cease].”

The user, who specified her location as “Manila, National Capital Region,” also posted other negative comments about Visayas, further angering others.
A screen capture of the post has gone viral over social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  
Haters have flooded @ahcee_flores with mentions on Twitter, which she has stopped replying to since last night. 

Immediately, netizens slammed the hateful comment "by Ahcee Flores", with hate pages against her all over Facebook. One of the hate page of of Ahcee Flores already hits over 10,000 and still counting.

some users have also mobilized and put up a page to throw in their support
for the user. They said that Ahcee Flores is not the one who post the comment and tweet. And the hate pages is a kind of cyber bullying, but the Supporters Page is been also flooded by the people who hates Ahcee.

In late 2011, Pinoys were angered by Facebook posts against victims of typhoon “Sendong.”
The posts were supposedly written by a certain Celine Acut, a Filipino living in France, and a certain Van Carumba, a Cebu native living in the United Arab Emirates.